UNILAG Don Denies Falling Education Standard

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2017)

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Management services of the University of Lagos; Professor Duro Oni has faulted claims of decline in Nigerian education standard.

Speaking with reporters from Unilag Radio and TV this afternoon in his office at the UNILAG senate building, Prof. Oni hinged his position on the ground breaking records and sterling performances which many graduates of various Nigerian Universities have put up at ivory towers beyond the Nigerian shores.

Prof. Oni emphasised that the Nigerian education system has, over the decades, made valuable impacts on partakers and has given rise to too many heroes who have made indelible imprints on the country, the continent and the world map.

The UNILAG don however subscribed to the need for a refocusing of the present education system and advocated greater emphasis on proper deployment of ICT for knowledge acquisitive purposes.

Prof. Duro Oni who spoke on a wide range of issues bothering on University administration and international partnerships identified the present crash of the Nigerian currency against the American dollar as the bane of some of the collaborations which The University of Lagos has with other foreign Universities.

He highlighted partnerships with Universities in the Unites States, Canada and China as some of the strongest out of over one hundred of such partnerships and assured that the institution is committed to creatively resolving such challenges especially those within the university’s capacity.

Speaking on security, Prof. Oni said UNILAG has gone a long way in deploying technology into security through the installation of Close Circuit (CCTV) Cameras at strategic points across the UNILAG campus and extending to the third mainland bridge for the purpose of surveilance.

The UNILAG don also spoke on students’ accommodation during which he hinted about the recent approval given by the University for the construction of three hostel buildings around St. Fimbarr’s college to replace an earlier approval at Iwaya area which was truncated by activities of land grabbers.

On the legacies he would love to be remembered for, Prof. Oni particularly warned against over ambitiousness, he emphasised that the role of any Deputy Vice Chancellor is to the absolutely loyal to the Vice Chancellor and anything contrary would be deemed suicidal.

He particularly lauded the UNILAG Vice Chancellor; Prof. Abdulrahman Bello for his managerial ingenuity which he said, has been the pivot for the industrial peace and harmony which UNILAG enjoys.