Unilag Don Canvasses for Technical and Vocational Training for Youths in Nigeria

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2017)

Professor of Adult Education, Ganiyu Oke has advised strongly on the need to evolve a culture of entrenching vocational skills among Nigeria as a panacea for the problem of unemployment which the nation currently faces.

He stated this during an inaugural lecture organised in his honour at the Uiniversity of Lagos Main Auditorium on Wednesday 17th January, 2017.

In a lecture titled “Work for All: New frontiers in vocation education and training”, Prof. Oke traced the historical trajectory of the modern day workforce in Nigeria and also predicted that if unchecked the current rise in the spate of unemployment among graduates will spiral into a cataclysm of the highest phenomenal proportion.

“This is why we all must return to vocational training. It is not just something for the government or the academia alone; it must involve all Nigerians irrespective their status and personalities” he said

Prof. Oke revealed that findings from his research shows that women in Nigeria majorly engage in vocational training for self- employment; and also that single females between ages 21-35 years were more highly receptive of vocational training, than those of their counterpart who were married.

He therefore concluded that a nationwide awareness and reawakening is necessary in order to drive a national consciousness towards vocational training. This, according to him, is especially important in the light of recent happenings in the country, and only a movement toward the vocations, “can save us indeed when the die is cast.”

In his response, the Vice- Chancellor University of Lagos, Prof. Rahamon Bello while taking delivery of the inaugural lecture note, thanked the Professor Oke for his immense contributions through service and dedication to the University of Lagos, the academic, and to Nigeria. He also acknowledged the presence of dignitaries’ present- particularly the two traditional rulers who had graced the event- and thanked the Oke family for allowing their one of them to serve the University.

“Having served the University community thus far, and finally paying the academic debt owed to the University of Lagos, I now discharge and acquit you. You are now welcome to the committee of professors that have paid their dues.” He said.

The Vice- Chancellor finally declared the assembly closed, after which all invited guests moved over to the Faculty of Education recreation hall for the reception ceremony.