The Unilag Of My Dream Is Not Far Fetched; Director, Quality Assurance

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2017)

The Director of Quality Assurance, University of Lagos, Professor Lucius Obinna Chukwu says with the current infrastructural profile and the projection of the sterling leadership which the institution enjoys, the University of Lagos will, in no distant time, secure a place among the first ten best Universities in Africa and the first one hundred Ivory towers worldwide.

Speaking with reporters from UNILAG radio and television in his office, Prof. Chukwu recalled the recent rating of the University as the best in terms if ICT compliance, e-administration and e-governance in Nigeria, three awards which he said further lends credence to UNILAG as a University of first choice and the Nation’s pride.

Prof.L.O.C Chukwu who reeled out areas where UNILAG has excelled in recent years noted that the University has succeeded in internationalising its programmes such that no fewer than seven students from different African countries are currently undergoing post graduate studies in the University.

He said the University of Lagos has made the very best use of Information and Communication Technology in conducting a good number of its affairs, meetings and high profile deliberations such that resources which could have gone into purchasing of papers are being saved and the environment is being conserved.

Speaking on his record as a former dean of the School of Post Graduate Studies, Prof. Chukwu identified the launching of the Premier platform which computerised all processes in the post graduate school, establishment of desk points for students, revamping of the Academic Programmes Committee and computerisation of hostel allocation as some of his sterling breakthroughs while he served as dean.

He also prides himself as the man behind the review of the UNILAG postgraduate policy which has addressed the number of years being wasted on postgraduate studies especially PHD.

The director who paid glowing tributes to the present leadership of the University of Lagos said part of the vision which would launch UNILAG into its future would be the high riser boulevard which would be sited opposite the faculty of Social sciences, the new state of the earth UNILAG library, the proposed transformation of the Distant Learning Institute (DLI) and the establishment of the University of Lagos business school, projects which he said would give UNILAG the face of a world class Ivory tower.

He was particularly elated that UNILAG has one out of the 1000 buildings anyone must aspire to see before death (i.e the Faculty of Science complex) and expressed strong hopes that in no distant future, lecturers would be well equipped to use modules and ICT for teaching, students would be well positioned to write their semester examinations anywhere through the internet, lecturers would also have more resources for post doctoral programmes while research works would have more foothold in UNILAG.

On his present undertaking as the director in charge of quality assurance in the University of Lagos, Prof. Chukwu said his present calling is anchored on the need to sustain and leverage upon the present quality of value in terms of teaching, learning and infrastructure in the University.

He identified the Service Improvement Plan, production of reflective jackets and the publication of a Students Customers Relations Activities Register as some of the strategies already put in place to ensure courteous service delivery by and for all stakeholders in UNILAG.

Prof. Chukwu who showered encomiums on UNILAG radio and Television for the support in propagating the activities of the Quality Assurance and Servicom unit pointed out that the core of his office is not to witch hunt but to monitor and ensure that no stakeholder is being denied quality service at any point.

He however expressed worries over the challenge posed by constraint of space and the seeming lackadaisical attitude of students especially during evaluation exercise, a trend which he said has been a bane of what could be a smooth evaluation process for the Quality Assurance unit.

While soliciting more of support from the UNILAG radio and Television crew in terms of awareness on the activities of the unit, Prof. LOC Chukwu noted that the proposed upgrading of the Electronic Testing Centre and the DLI will go a long way in adding value to UNILAG as an institution with excellence in Computer based assessment facilities.

The Don also took time to reminisce on his days as an undergraduate student of UNILAG during which he described life as abundant, he described the environment as intellectually challenging based on the students’ matured disposition to studies and the quality of lecturers while he also reeled out a catalogue of activities which held on campus in those days to serve as sources of entertainments, motivation and relaxation for students.

Prof. Chukwu attributed the differences between the UNILAG of then and now to students’ population explosion and the influx of other western ideals but expressed hopes that with the focus of the present UNILAG leadership, the glory of the present would surely be greater than that of yesteryears.