Romance between Amber and Wiz


(Last Updated On: February 15, 2017)

By Omolola Sodunke

Reacting to the rumours about her come back with her ex-husband, Amber rose has taken to twitter

to tell fans that she did not mind sharing a kiss with the man who is the father of her son but it was

not an indication that they are both coming back together. In her twit she calls Wiz Kalifia “family”

and will remain such for the rest of their lives for the sake of their son Sebastian.

She said she has been through a lot with him and sharing a kiss and turning up together for a gig was

no indication that their marriage was coming together.


The exes, who got married in July 2013 after the birth of their son, broke up after Amber filed for

divorce from Wiz late in 2014, with the couple sharing joint custody of their 3 year old son Sebastian.

Amber went to date Val Chmerkovskiy and the duo later broke up with after five months together.

In her twit she said nobody got dumped and their brake up was mutual due to “personal” reasons,

assuring that she was still in cordial relationships with both Val and Wiz and they are all getting


She expressed are sadness about how the public had analysed the event at the Clive Davis' annual

pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles. “Nobody got dumped and nothing we do over here is malicious

it’s just how life woks sometimes” she said.

Amber was seen out for the first time since her breakup from Val earlier on Saturday.