(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)



Selena Gomez and the weekend- real name Abel Tesfaye stepped out for date night just blocks from

Bella Hadid his ex-girlfriend’s hotel in Paris.

The duo lodge at a five star hotel in Paris [la reserve] and took time out for a romantic night on

Monday. They arrived in the famously romantic city of Paris, ahead of the start of Paris fashion week,

which kicks off on Tuesday.

The twenty four year old “HAND TO MY SELF” singer was spotted looking elegant and beautiful in

a sleeveless black turtleneck sweater dress, with her hair styled in a tight/neat ponytail.

Meanwhile, the twenty seven year old “STAR BOY” singer dressed a bit more casually in a tan

jacket, trying to remain hidden in a black ball cap pulled down over his head as they left for the night.

The cute couple were seen extremely close as they exited the hotel while being escorted to a black


Justin Bieber, Selena’s ex it’s a publicty stunt the two are pulling for an upcoming

collaboration between Selena and Weeknd. Justin says that’s a Selena trend as she has done

it with previous boyfriends- himself, Nick Jonas, and Zedd.

Regardless the rumours the pair seem to be having a swell time together. They have been spotted on

several dates in Los Angeles and Italy over the last two months and Selena recently hosted a surprise

$30,000 birthday party for Weeknd’s 27th birthday.

Weeknd’s ex – girlfriend and runway model Bella Hadid, was a few blocks away from Selena Gomez

and weeknd’s date night. Hadid was spotted outside the hotel George V rocking a fine engine red

trench coat, buttoned closed, that she paired with knee high black leather boots and a black fur hat.

Her appearing so close to the couples lodge has got fan and social media critics asking if she was not

yet over him and if she might be stalking him.

The twenty year old ex-girlfriend and model split from the weeknd in November after dating for over

a year. Bella Hadid says she’ll “always love him”.

Selena and Justin dated on and off between 2011 and 2015, Fans and social media observers

have said that Justine may not be comfortable with the fact she is moving on with another

musician-so it’s totally understandable that he is sore about her dating and enjoying her new