‘Homophobia’ Inventor George Weinberg Dies at 87

(Last Updated On: March 24, 2017)



A Psychotherapist who invented the term homophobia” George Weinberg has died George Weinberg died in Manhattan, New York.

His wife, Dianne Rowe confirmed the cause of his death stating that her late husband died after he battled with Cancer disease.

According to reports, the term ‘homophobia’ was coined after Dr. Weinberg was preparing to speak at a conference in 1865 and he told his colleagues that his guest to an upcoming party was a lesbian which they declined because they felt uncomfortable being around a lesbian.

Weinberg eventually believed that people’s reaction to gay people could be as a result of phobia and therefore coined the term ‘Homophobia’.

George Weinberg published his best-known work, “Society and the Healthy Homosexual” In 1972.

It was one of the first books to reject the idea that homosexuality was a psychological disorder. This idea was prevalent in the psychiatric profession.

A fellow psychotherapist, Dr. Herek, said his work was pivotal to changing the way homosexuality was perceived – for the first time there was a name for it.

Dr. Herek said “It crystallized the experiences of rejection, hostility and invisibility that homosexual men and women in mid-20th- century North America had experienced throughout their lives”,. He continued that the term located the problem of heterosexuals who were intolerant of gay men and lesbians.

He was born in 1929 to Frederick Weinberg who was a lawyer, and his mother Lillian who worked as a legal secretary.

He spent his life in Manhattan, New York, where he died this week.

SOURCE: Pink News