(Last Updated On: March 27, 2017)

By Tinuade Salami

Some citizens in the Western part of Nigeria have not only heaved a sigh of relief

from the constant incredible hot and dry temperature climbing as high as 40

degree Celsius but also experienced a change in the weekend down pour.

The residents of Ado-Ekiti, capital of Ekiti state have on Sunday witnessed for the

very first time a snow rain.

The rain which began at about 8:00pm on Saturday and stopped in the early

hours of Sunday reportedly dropped the temperature to about 20 degree Celsius.

Residents, mostly students of the State University and the Federal Polytechnic,

Ado-Ekiti with so much excitement took snapshots of the ice to share on Social


Meanwhile on Wednesday may 11, 2016, a UNIJOS graduate, Patience Nana Felix

took to social media to share amazing photos of the first ice rain of the year which

some people called end time rain and others claimed it had happened in the past.

Snow rain is exceptionally rare in Nigeria.