(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)


By James, Michael Igiri

The newly-appointed Executive Director of the National Film and Video Censors Board, NFVCB, Alhaji Thomas Adedayo, yesterday resumed duties as members of staff were on hand to welcome him.

The Board’s management team led by the director of film censorship and classification, Mrs Fatyma Sa’adu received the new Executive Director at the board headquarters amid celebration and enthusiasm.

Speaking at the handing/taking over ceremony in Abuja, Adedayo spoke reassuringly to the fact that funding would not be a constraint during his tenure, as he asserted that together with other members of his team as well as with industry professionals, he would generate ideas that will geometrically increase the financial strength of the board.

Adedayo maintained that he has not come with all the solutions to the Board’s challenges, stressing that together with the management team, solutions will be forged.

“We are all confronted with recession. It is ideas that will generate wealth not finances. So, let us come together with ideas to do what is right. Everything hat we will do in this organization is going to be in line with the law. The change we need is evident, and we will drive it together.

“I have an open policy. Whatever the challenge, I am not coming out with solutions alone, because I don’t have it. We are going to solve it together,” he said.

The new Executive Director expressed gratitude to his political and academic constituencies as well as the board’s management, and promised not to disappoint them.

Earlier in her remarks, the out-going Executive Director Ms. Bala, lamented the many challenges that bedeviled her tenure. She also listed her achievements and urged all concerned to support her successor in the task ahead.