(Last Updated On: April 13, 2017)


. Group Calls for Collaborative Effort

. Advocates Greater Media Involvement

The Press has a role to play in critical parental rescue and socialisation towards improving child upbringing in Nigeria.

This was revealed by the Chairman Breach Repairers, Nigeria, Pastor Itua Ighodalo, during a press briefing organised by the NGO to raise awareness, create a global advocacy, and to galvanize parents, teachers, as well as stakeholders, towards nurturing what it termed, ‘The Total Nigerian Child’.

In his address, Pastor Itua explained that for this year’s edition, the NGO is reaching out to stakeholders in order to engage more meaningfully in building upon the gains made the year before.

“We intend to (by this edition) begin the proper training for purposeful parenting. We believe that to be able to show the way, you must know the way. Beyond this, we hope to challenge stakeholders on the need to leave an enduring legacy for building successful Godly seeds that will restore our Nigerian dream.

“In Jeremiah 35, the story of the Rechabites stands out. A father’s wish was passed on for over 200 years until heaven considered them a good reference point. It’s our hope that someday (in the very near future), our nation Nigeria will become a reference point for good, in Jesus name Amen.”

Speaking to journalists at the SIAO Building in Ikoyi, the chairman revealed that the organisation was thankful for the level of involvement of some notable individuals in terms of partnering/ collaboration in the drive towards social mobilisation and engineering in Nigeria.

“To God’s glory, Her Excellency, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, the wife of the Vice President in company of the First Ladies of Lagos (represented by the DG in her office), Ogun and Akwa Ibom led the campaign creditably well last year. We noticed after last year’s conference that several voices for purposeful parenting began to be raised. To us, the purpose for blowing the operation critical rescue whistle was achieved.

“To God’s glory, for the second year running, Her Excellency Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, wife of the Vice President has decided to lead the lines towards this quest for raising Godly seeds.

We remain grateful and feel hugely indebted to her. Our hope to expand to the South East after now has put the searchlight on Abia State. The wife of the Abia State Governor, Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu has answered the call to lead the campaign and will be joining this year. We equally expect her Excellency Dr. Idiat Adebule, the Executive Deputy Governor of Lagos


In addition, to the aforementioned, Pastor Itua thanked all stakeholders present, particularly the owners of schools and also pleaded their help towards mobilisation of colleagues, parents, and teachers to the year’s conference.

“Your role in this match cannot be over emphasised because over 70% of the Nigerian Child’s time is spent with teachers; therefore, I ask that you help move this forward. And to the Press, we are equally very grateful for your partnership. It is our hope that you will not only spread the news of the conference but use the platform you represent to continue championing this great dream of raising the total Nigerian child.”

Other members of the board also took turns to lend their individual thoughts on the focus of the conference, with the theme: Operation Critical Rescue. In the end, they all agreed that what families as well as individuals are now facing in terms of parenting is only symptomatic of the larger Nigerian problem. They therefore concluded that a total rescue mission was needed in order to restore the society back to sanity through a return to purposeful parenting.

The Breach Repairers is a Non-Governmental Organisation- it began in 2009- of concerned

clergy, school proprietors, teachers and parents whose focus is to raise a generation of Nigerian youths that are purpose driven, socially responsible, having integrity with a resolve to bring about a positive change in the society.