(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017)


By Tinuade Salami

A man identified as Graciam Kondowe has narrated how he escaped death by clinging to a bag of maize after the boated he was capsized on Lake Malawi.

According to police official Denis Banda who said that kondome was among the 54 passengers who survived after the boat overturned in stormy weather on Easter Sunday.

Dennis said eight of the 54 survivors were being treated in hospital after sustaining injuries, five people drowned while 11 were still missing after the boat wrecked.

Police said the boat was packed with worshippers returning from Easter celebrations when it

capsized in the remote Rumphi district in northern Malawi.

Kondowe 67 told Malawi's privately owned Zodiac radio station that heavy winds buffeted the boat about 15 minutes into their journey, adding that the crew decided to return to shore, but the boat capsized before they could get back.

Kondowe said he held on to a bag of maize flour which fell out of the boat, and eventually swam his way to safety.

Malawian journalist Joab Chakhaza told the BBC Locals that residents used canoes to rescue most of the passengers, Boats are a common mode of transport on the vast Lake Malawi, and accidents of this magnitude are rare.

In 2012, 47 migrants fleeing drought and conflict in Somalia and Ethiopia drowned in the lake after their boat capsized. Lake Mallawi is one of the biggest lakes in Africa.