(Last Updated On: May 3, 2017)


By James Michael Igiri

Flytime Promotions and Kountry Kulture have announced that the third edition of the

acclaimed number one comedy concert in Nigeria, “Bovi Man on Fire” is set to hold live at

the Eko Hotel Convention Centre on Friday 5 th May, 20017.

This was announced during a press conference which held yesterday at the Europe Conference Room, Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, accomplished comedian Bovi explained that the 2017 edition of “Man on Fire” concert was the third edition and the first since the 2014 second edition. He explained that the reason why it has taken this long to organise the edition was because he had taken time out after the first two editions to travel the world and make known the Nigerian brand of comedy.

“I went professional in 2008 and did my best to write new jokes until 2013 when the first edition came out. After the first two editions, I felt that it was important to explore the world and take our talent elsewhere. Now, however, I feel it is the right time to bring my craft back home.”

He thanked the press- particularly the media partners collaborating with the promoters on the concert- for their support over the years and particularly in the promotion of the comedy industry in Nigeria.

“I just want to be on the same page with the press because of the mileage which they bring,” He said.

On the issue of mentoring, Bovi explained that, “stand-up comedy is a selfish form of art. But if you can say giving other new and aspiring young comedians a chance to perform at my shows is equal to mentoring, then it is fine.

“I have always had openers on my shows, usually my friends, and so while I may not be able to define mentoring, they- the upcoming artists- can honestly tell you if I am a mentor or not.

“I am an entertainer, not a promoter and that is why mine is a one-man show.”

Responding to questions by journalists at the event, Bovi assured fans of fresh jokes and a guarantee of a lifetime experience at the event.

He however dismissed the idea of division among stand-up comedians saying that, “everybody cannot travel the same line and that though paths will cross, all must stay on course. Besides, I am just following in the traditional ways of doing stand-up comedy around the world by making it a one-man show, after all that is what real comedy is about.”

The event is slated to start at 8pm, and is proudly supported by Diamond Bank, CIROC, and several media partners, with tickets made available at Eko Hotel, Ozone, STV, Silverbird Galleria and other retail outlets.