STRANGE but True: ‘Tattooed fish’ pulled from sea… alien hunters say it’s from space

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2017)


By James, Michael Igiri

A large fish which appeared to be covered in tattoo-like markings baffled fishermen who hauled it

from the ocean.

Daily Express reporter, Jon Austin reported that alien enthusiasts were quick to blame the

markings on the supernatural trying to deliver a message, while others feared it was due to

changes in Earth’s oceans.

Story has it that the creature was reportedly netted by fishermen from Lopez Jaena in Mindanao,


Pictures of the weird fish went viral after being posted online by the stunned seafarers, triggering

bizarre speculation about what could have caused it; the report read.

GMA News said: “Whatever may the reason be as to how the fish got the design on its body,

nobody knows. But maybe, it is a sign perhaps that something is wrong with our ocean.”

One theory is it could have become tangled up in plastic waste in the sea.

Missinggalacticfreedom.wordpress speculated: “How this fish got symbols, letters, numbers, etc

in his body remains a mystery but could it be that the fish was sent by something supernatural to

deliver a message to humanity?

“Can you decipher it?”

Even UFO hunters got involved.