‘House Of Reps Members Are Killing My Colleagues’ – Nollywood Actor, Saidi Balogun

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2017)


By Igiri, Michael James

Veteran Yoruba movie actor Said Balogun has thrown a jibe at the nation’s House

of Representatives saying that it’s members are indirectly responsible for the death

of many Nollywood actors as a result of non-passage of the anti-piracy law.

The actor who spoke with journalists at the unveiling of the movie, ‘Banana Island

Ghost,’ said most of his colleagues who sought for public funds before their

demise could have been spared of death and taken care of themselves if pirates did

not milk the industry dry. He observed that the actors could have otherwise used

the money they made to subscribe to a health insurance policy.

“People die but because we are in the public eye, death of actors resonates more.

Two million people can die but nobody would write about them unlike when actors

die. People die every day.

“It is not that we are not checking ourselves, it happens but I am begging all actors

to work on their health. I was supposed to celebrate my birthday from May 24 to

26 but I postponed it in honour of our fallen colleagues.

“The reason why most actors solicit for funds when they are ill is because of lack

of health insurance and we should talk to insurance companies about that. If we are

making our money now, we should look at health insurance policy for future sake.

“I keep begging that the House of Representatives pass hard laws on piracy

because if we are making good money, we would be able to subscribe to insurance

policies. If I am making N500,000 and the school fees of my daughter is

N600,000, where would I see money for insurance? It is the people that are not

passing hard laws on piracy that are killing us. I have an insurance policy as the

President of The Golden Movies Ambassadors of Nigeria.

“I have been on an insurance policy for over four years,” he said.

He further implored his colleagues especially the younger ones to imbibe thesame

healthy and wise practice by getting an insurance policy and save for the rainy day.

“I am begging the up and coming artistes to look towards insuring themselves. I

implore my colleagues to get good managers and lawyers to help them manage

their image. I travelled to Germany some months back to shoot a movie and when

they checked for my name on Google, the only thing that came out were bad

reports and the German asked me if that was the way the journalists in my country

celebrate the best actors in Africa. I stood up for journalists.

They felt that because we are black, that is why such happened but I made them

know that we are ‘BPI’, Black, Proud and Intelligent. It affected me a lot but I still

thank God I am still here today and I am friends with journalists till date,” Balogun