‘Mind-blowing’ overpass with 5 layers, and 8 different directions

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2017)


constructed in China

by James, Michael Igiri

Dare to think this picture is a Computer-Generated- Image from a Sci-Fi movie?

Well, you would not be blamed, but this ‘mind-blowing’ overpass in Chongqing, China, is

very much a reality after it was completed earlier this week.

The new interchange has left people confused and some concerned about getting lost in the

city’s complicated road layout.

The Huangjuewan Overpass, which began being constructed in 2009, features five layers, 20

ramps and eight directions.

But an official in charge of the project insists it’s really easy to get around using the signs.

He told People’s Daily Online: ‘Even if you take the wrong way, then you only have to go

around one kilometre or even just five or six hundred metres before there is an option to

correct the wrong turn.’

Though the bulk of the construction has been completed, the interchange is not set to open

until early next year as builders are waiting to complete the airport expressway.