(Last Updated On: August 4, 2017)


By Gbenga Gbelee
The Bursar, University of Lagos; Dr. Lateef Odekunle has warned the entire workforce of the
University to be conscious of the effects of false information and the imminent danger it poses to the serenity, orderliness and growth of the University.
Speaking today (3 rd August) as the resource person at the latest edition of An hour with the doyen, a monthly lecture series delivered by Principal officers of the University of Lagos, Dr. Odekunle who spoke of Rumour Epidemic In A Workplace particularly charged all staff members of the University to purge their minds of and do away with any feelings of discomfort in the interest of their inner peace, career growth and overall interest of the University of Lagos as an institution of First choice and the Nation’s pride.

Dr. Odekunle who described rumour as spreading of doubtful, unverifiable and uncertain piece of
information also buttressed the need for every individual member of staff to be aware of its imminent dangers and damaging effect on individual character and the interpersonal relationship required among workers within the work space.
The bursar who spoke exhaustively on the types, classification and methods of spreading rumour also pointed out that no fewer than 85% of workers are guilty rumour peddling in every work place, an act which he said promotes divisive tendencies, erodes trust within and among contemporaries, dampens morale and reduces initiatives thereby leading to reduction in overall output and productivity.
As a way of handling rumour within a workplace, the Bursar, University of Lagos implored every
member of the University community to adopt the three filter test which involves verifying how true, how good and how useful such information is before acceptance.
He described the University of Lagos as a workplace under siege hinging it on the volume of
disinformation emanating from the rumour mills, a trend which Dr. Odekunle said must be quickly
tamed in the interest of peace, sustained understanding and harmonious coexistence between the
University’s management, its teeming publics and stakeholders.
He also advocated the need for every member of staff of the University to shun sentiments and always seek the truth in every situation so as to avoid disinformation and its damaging effects on the  corporate fibre of the University and its publics.
Earlier in their separate remarks, the Chairman of the monthly convergence who is also the immediate past Deputy Vice Chancellor, Management Services, Professor Duro Oni and the Registrar of the University of Lagos; Dr. (Mrs.) Taiwo Ipaye described the monthly lecture as another token of intellectual contribution towards sustaining the tradition of preserving hindsight and experiences.
The duo described the topic for the latest An hour with the doyen as apt and expedient and attributed it to recent developments in the University as it relates to the jostling for the next bursar and the Vice Chancellor of the University.
Prof. Oni and Dr. Ipaye also charged every member of the University community to shun rumour
peddling and focus attention towards adding value to the University of Lagos brand as an institution of first choice and the Nation’s pride.