Angola to replace President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos after 38-years in power

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2017)

By Tinuade Salami

Angola is finally set to replace the incumbent President José Eduardo Dos Santos after his nearly
four decades reign in power.
Mr Dos Santos is not contesting the poll, but his party the MPLA is expected to be victorious when
the results are announced later this week.
Former Defence Minister João Lourenço, Who is also a member of his party MPLA is to succeed
According to BBC, Santos’s main challenger is Isias Samakuva, from the MPLA’s rival in the 27-year civil war, Unita.
However, Mr Dos Santos, whose 38-year reign makes him the world’s second-longest serving
president, will remain in control of the ruling MPLA party.
Under Angola’s voting system, people are choosing both the candidate and party in the same
Analysts say the MPLA, which has been in power since independence from Portugal in 1975, is likely to win.
However, the election is taking place in a country where, according to Amnesty International,
citizens “have lived in a climate of fear in which speaking out was met with intimidation (and) imprisonment”.
In the previous election, the Casa-CE alliance gained the third most seats. It is led by Abel
Chivukuvuku, who split from Unita.
Angola, which according to reports has a population below 35 and was one of the fastest-growing
economies in the world because of its huge oil reserves.
But when global oil prices dropped two years ago, it affected the whole economy.
Although Mr Dos Santos is standing down as president, a position he has held since 1979, his
children also hold several key positions.