Landslide kills two, 25 still missing in China.

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2017)

By Tinuade Salami
About 34 homes in southwest China have been affected after a landslide struck the town on
Monday leaving 2 people dead.
According to state media report, at least 25 people are still missing in the disaster.
City authorities told the official Xinhua news agency that rescuers were able to pull out six
people from the rubble, including two who died, in Bijie, Guizhou province.
The agency said that search efforts were ongoing and local authorities sent tents, quilts and
camp beds to the site.
Video of the landslide posted to the Twitter account of the official People’s Daily showed
the side of a hill collapsing, with dirt rushing across the outskirts of the town as onlookers
shouted in fright.
Another video showed people standing on top of massive boulders.
Reports say this is the latest natural disaster to hit the country.
Landslides are a frequent danger in rural and mountainous parts of China, particularly after
heavy rain.
In June and August, massive landslides in southwestern Sichuan province killed more than
30 and left scores missing.
In July, 63 people were killed by landslides and floods in the central province of Hunan.
Some 1.6 million people were forced from their homes.
Last week, powerful Typhoon Hato killed 18 people as it tore across southern China,
including Hong Kong and Macau.