(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)


 By Moshood Sakariyau

Government at all levels have been advised to increase funding for the entire education sector with emphasis on Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

A Professor of Educational Management, Solomon Bello made this known while delivering his Inaugural Lecture tagged: “Information  Consciousness; Life wire of Organisation” at J.F Ade Ajayi Auditorium, University of Lagos.

Professor Bello said that Government and individuals should realise the fact that for Information Technology (IT) to be effective, it should occupy the central activity of every organisation.

He stated categorically that for efficient and effective running of any organisation or system, free flow or relevant information is very vital.

The Professor of Educational Management lamented that Africa has poor culture of record keeping. He said many Africans cannot trace their family history a hundred years back and lack of record keeping has put many people into trouble, including imprisonment for embezzlement of government money.

He emphasised that since government is the main policy maker, it is therefore necessary to provide relevant policies that will promote positive revolution in all educational institutions. Professor Bello said there is need for a continuous flow of information between JAMB and the school system. While the school system needs to know what exists in the universities through JAMB.

Professor Bello said without adequate information, a school organisation cannot function appropriately. He said like other social organisation, colleges and universities have dire need for effective communication.

The elated Professor advised government, educational agencies and parastatals to create awareness on the need to recognise talents, ability and interest in the choice of courses in higher institutions of learning in order to promote individual career growth and development.

He, However noted that information guides decision making. The quality of the decision one makes is determined by the information one has. With in-depth and current information on a subject matter, one will be guided to make better decisions than when one never has access to such information.