(Last Updated On: February 2, 2018)

By Moshood Sakariyau

Educational and employment institutions have been advised to ensure basic life support training is being organised for all their students and staff regularly.

A Professor of Anaesthesia, Desalu Ibironke stated this while delivering her Inaugural Lecture tagged:”Who is Watching over You” at J.F Ade Ajayi Auditorium, University of Lagos.
Professor Desalu said that there must be a trained person whose main responsibility is to watch over the patients and ensure that no harm befall them as they go under the surgeon’s knife.

She said that over 230 million surgeries are performed worldwide yearly without anaesthesia or an
anaesthetist and such increases the mortality rate.

Professor of Anaesthesia advised that surgery should not be perform without the relief of pain and its response which occur due to trauma of surgery. She said that for anaesthesia to be completed, there has to be unconsciousness, analgesia, muscle relaxation and reflex suppression.

She lamented that many deaths were recorded in the early 19th Century from the shock of surgery
without anaesthesia. She said that the most complex surgical procedures are now possible because of appropriate anaesthesia.

Professor Desalu said that with the support from government, other fields of anaesthesia like obstetrics, critical care, pain management should be encouraged in the West African subregion.

She, however urged government to adopt a resuscitation training for all members of the emergency
services; such as Police, Fire Brigade and LASTMA in other to reduce unnecessary lost of lives at
accident sites.