Oba of Benin reigns curses on Human Traffickers, Cultists, Evil-Doers.

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

By James, Michael Igiri

The Oba of Benin, Ewuyare 11, has placed a course on Human Traffickers, Cultists, and Killers in the
In a meeting which had in attendance, the kingdom’s native doctors, Enigies, Odonweres and some
concerned indigenes, His Royal Majesty placed the by invoking an age-long charm that had not seen
sunlight in over 800yrs.
Speaking after the meeting, Senior Palace Chief, and The Esogban of Benin Kingdom, Chief David
Edebiri revealed that the revered monarch was very concerned about the activities of human
traffickers which had given the Kingdom a bad name.
According to Esogban, who by hierarchy is the second in command among the first class chiefs of the
Benin Kingdom, whoever failed to heed the warning of the Oba would surely incur the wrath of the
gods especially if the perpetrator ever drank or drinks the water from, or sets foot in Benin Kingdom.
“This problem of human trafficking has been on for a long time. Everyday we read stories of slavery
and deaths in the Mediterranean sea of our people. It has been a major concern to all of us.”
Chief Edebiri berated the negative image which Nigeria, and specifically Benin Kingdom was having
in the international community.
“Three weeks ago, we watched the CNN devoting its African story to Benin City. Nothing else but
Benin City and human trafficking. The story was featured throughout the week and it portrayed
Benin City as a place for incubation of harlots and free sex workers before they were transported to
“I was weeping while watching the programme, and I think that was thesame feeling our father, the
Oba had, which prompted him to say, enough is enough.”
He stated that there is no escape for human traffickers, parents who sponsor such persons,
individuals as well as anyone who is involved in the abomination.
“This is the first time as Esogban of Benin that I am seeing the Oba going to get what I can also
describe as weapon of mass destruction for the evil doers. These missiles don't come out like that
except when we are going to war,” he said.
Meanwhile, some indigenes have hailed the Oba, describing his action as a welcome development
especially as it aims to stem the tide of human trafficking, and thereby save the image of the nation
and those of the Benin people.