(Last Updated On: May 10, 2018)


By Gbenga Gbelee
Lagos state governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode today added his voice to the call for reforms in the
current federalism being operated in Nigeria.
Speaking today (May 9 th , 2018) at the Ade Ajayi Memorial Auditorium of the University of Lagos
where he delivered the 2017 Convocation lecture of the University, the Lagos state helmsman
advocated that more powers and responsibilities be ceded from the federal to the state and local
government as a way of addressing the perceived over-centralisation of powers at the centre.
In his lecture titled; ‘‘Inclusion; Path to a New Nation’’, Mr. Ambode specifically called for an
amendment to the present list of concurrent and exclusive duties as spelt out in the Nigerian
Gov. Ambode’s lecture also dealt with the importance of Nationalism, patriotism and attitudinal
reorientation among the Nigerian populace, He particularly charged youths to shun all divisive issues
which have plagued the Nigerian polity and focus on addressing the wide range of challenges
confronting Nigeria as a Nation and the entire populace.
Using Lagos state as a point of reference, Mr. Ambode stressed the need for human and material
resources to be geared towards inclusive governance as against the old and malicious ways of
exclusion, ethnic pettiness and religious bigotry which have constituted a bane of National
He attributed the many notable infrastructural monuments in Lagos to efforts of his administration
and those of his predecessors, feats which he said have made Lagos a home for all irrespective of
tribe, religion, gender or Nationality.
While showering encomiums on the successive leaderships of the University of Lagos where he
graduated 34 years ago, the Lagos state governor charged the graduating students of the University to
braze up for leadership roles and shun ancient and irrational biases, He also advocated the need for
every hand to be on deck in ensuring the cultivation of the best of human ideals so as to promote
fairness, prosperity and security.
In an address to welcome dignitaries to the convocation lecture, the chairman; Professor Anya O.
Anya stressed the need for all ivory towers to strive towards promoting integrity, diversity, social
responsibility and justice among several other moral ethos so as to revive the fast fading glory and
reputation of the Nigerian societal ideals.
He also stressed the need for government at all levels to be more involved in funding education with a
view to making Nigerian institutions more competitive.