(Last Updated On: May 17, 2018)


By Sakariyau Moshood
A Professor of Educational Management and Personnel Administration in the University of Lagos,
Professor Virgy Ebelechukwu Onyene has advocated the need for all arms and tiers of government to
embrace Gender Responsive Leadership as a pathway to sustainable democratic governance.
Speaking on how to establish structural gender balance platform of action in the Nigerian governance
system, Professor Onyene said Gender Responsive Leadership remains the best strategy to support the
vision and mission of teaching and learning in an organisation with a view to ensuring purposeful
existence and impact on the larger society.
Professor Onyene stated these (on May 16, 2018) while delivering her Inaugural Lecture at Ade Ajayi
Memorial Auditorium of the University of Lagos.
Titled;’’ Innovative Gender Responsive Leadership: Let’s harness the needful Locus if Institutional
management’’, Prof. Onyene emphasised the need for strategic qualitative and quantitative Gender
Response blueprint as a working tool to actualise existing gender equality initiatives.
The Professor of Educational Management and Personnel Administration reiterated that Nigeria
should adopt Gender Responsive Leadership [GRL] as an intervention model which has curative and
preventive dimensions.
She said employers and leaders should match administrative activities with actions of people in order
to provoke and utilise inner core characteristics of male and female workers against data driven facts
about how they are expected to behave more specifically.
The Don called on the Vice Chancellor of University of Lagos, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe to
overly install the Gender Responsive Leadership (GRL) as an instrument par excellence for
inculcating the principles and values of gender equity, social justice, inclusion of fairness/firmness,
participation and meritocracy in his administration, interactive fluency, appointments and labour
She bemoaned the alarming rate of bureaucracy in many universities and expressed confidence that
with the Gender Responsive Leadership, the relationship lines will be relaxed with effective
interactions and interfaces which would enhance productivity on the long run.

Prof. Onyene particularly recommended the Gender Responsive Leadership [GRL] as a tool to fight
drug abuse, depression, sexual harassment and other forms of violence on university campuses.

The Professor of Educational Management described women as family builders and the conscience of
the nation. She posited that women possess higher integrity than men, are credit worthiness,
accountable, carry family image consciously and are seldom involved in sexual harassment.

She urged government to make conditions of service, work procedures and regulations more attractive
by addressing peculiar characteristic of men and women.