Suspected Herdsmen Attack Catholic Seminary in Taraba

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

James, Michael Igiri
Following an attack on a Minor Seminary in Jalingo, the police have
evacuated seminarians and all residents within the religious community.
Taraba police commissioner, David Akinremi, stated on Monday afternoon
that the attack occurred in Jalingo, the state capital, at about 12:30 a.m.
He blamed the attack on suspected herdsmen who, he said, had
previously had a dispute with the management of the seminary over their
grazing activities in and around the premises, saying that they had
specifically requested to see a Catholic priest, Cornelius Pobah- was
rushed to the hospital after a bullet hit him in the leg- when they rushed into
the seminary at mid-night.
The police chief explained that all students have been evacuated from the
school and all threats neutralised in an attack that has thankfully left no one
Police officers and soldiers arrived at the seminary shortly after the incident
was reported through a distress call and immediately combed the area.
No suspect was however arrested, but Mr Akinremi said detectives are
already on a search for those responsible for the attack.
“Some shepherds had been coming to the premises to graze their cattle
and the priest had challenged them about that in the past,” Mr Akinremi
said. “We confirmed that the attackers were speaking Fulani and a little bit
of pidgin English.”
“Our men had evacuated the students from the school and fortified the area
to ensure that no remnants of the gunmen remained,” the police chief said.
“After which we will return the students back to the school.”
The official said the gunmen fled the scene as security officers approached.
Speaking about the occurrence through WhatsApp, The Director of Caritas
Nigeria- an agency of the Catholic Church- Rev. Fr. Evaristus Bassey, called for
help and assistance of all and sundry, while cautioning other Catholic communities
on the need to be on guard.

“Please Frs, pray for us. Our minor seminary in Jalingo has just been attacked by
the Fulani, some students are injured, some cars destroyed, two priests beaten and
one shot on the leg. They are currently receiving treatment at FMC,” he said.