SHOCK, as Zidane resigns as Real manager

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2018)

By Joshua, Tony Oluwaseun
James, Michael Igiri
Real Madrid’s now former manager, Zinadine Zidane has announced in a press conference on
Thursday, his decision to resign as manager of European Champions, Real Madrid.
Zidane’s decision has come has a great shock to everyone as he has had the best two and a half
years any managerial experience with the Spanish giants.
Zidane in his position as manager has won a total of nine trophies including, three Champions
league trophies, two UEFA super cups, two Club World Cups, one La Liga title and one Spanish Super
Cup. His record is very enviable and any club would wish to have such a winner as a manager.
While the reason(s) for his resignation is still a mystery to the world of football, the football legend
has however ruled out that his resignation has not come as a result of any external influence, in the
press conference he said that it was not because of the star players because he respected them. And
the influence of the management was also ruled out when Real Madrid President Florentino Perez
said that the news also came as a shocker.
Speculations have come in from all angles but it is safe to say that Zidane wanted to leave the team
with his head high and avoid the shame of spoiling his very impressive record so far.
Real did not have a particularly impressive season even after being crowned champions of Europe,
as they finished their local league in 3rd place with a highly marginal gap between themselves and
Barcelona. They also nearly got knocked out of the Champions league twice in matches to both
Bayern Munich and Juventus.
Finally, they were eliminated from the Copa del Rey and had a generally poor season with popular
results showing many football pundits are of the opinion that this could be a single most important
plausible reason why Zidane felt it was the right time to leave, and to that extent is exit is seen ads
an honourable one.