(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

By Sakariyau Moshood

Due to lack of specialised laboratories and non availability of necessary technologies and other
facilities required, it has become difficult to fulfil the purpose of microteaching which is to
provide a safe place for pre-service teachers to practice.

Professor Gladys Obianuju Esiobu raised this while delivering her Inaugural Lecture titled:
Providencial Options: Teachers and Students On Trial? on Wednesday June 20, 2018, at J.F Ade
Ajayi Main Auditorium of the University of Lagos.

Professor Esiobu said that innovation has become the major driving force of the world
economy, there is need for the acquisition of soft skills or generic skills by all students and even
lecturers and teachers in the universities.

She ascertained that teaching as a profession is not static but dynamic and skills. “Teachers in
Nigeria should be provided opportunities to compete favourably with their peers
internationally, who are required to upgrade and revalidate their competences as teachers
periodically through attendance of a set of recommended courses.” She said.

The Professor of Science Education called for urgent ways of checkmating non-performance in
the classrooms; students assessment of their lecturers teaching should be introduced into the
universities school system. These, she believed would raised the standard of teaching and level
of mastery of the subject matter.

She insisted that for effective learning and teaching, students must come to class knowing
something and they must leave the class knowing more things through application of various
skills and in order to construct their own learning.

Professor Esiobu frowned at the habits of some lectures and teachers who give students
materials relevant to a topic to read without ever discussing same in the class.

She said teaching is not telling the students all they need to know on a particular subject matter
but by giving them a voice in the class no matter their age.

Professor Esiobu lamented that Nigeria educational system, science education and the
sustainable development are at risk. She thereby called for immediate National Curriculum
Conference in the country.