(Last Updated On: November 8, 2019)

By Feyikemi Wete

A Professor of Paediatrics Endocrinology of the University of Lagos, Professor Abiola

Olanrewaju Oduwole, has called for more attention to be paid to endocrine and metabolic diseases in children and adolescents.

She made the call in her inaugural lecture, which took place at the J.F Ade Ajayi Auditorium of the University of Lagos.

Prof. Oduwole spoke against the backdrop of the leap service, which is paid to specific areas in non- communicable diseases, as her lecture dealt extensively with the care and treatment of children and adolescents, with hormonal and clinical disorders.

Prof. Oduwole’s inaugural lecture was titled: “HYPO, HYPER – THE ENIGMA OF LIFE”.

She stated that some diseases some children have to live with are diabetes, obesity, pre-diabetes, congenital hypothyroidism, rickets and many others, stating ways in which they can be detected and proffering preventive measures to follow.

Oduwole disagreed with the claims that children cannot have diabetes.

“Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease in which the known existence or apparent lack is hypo of insulin, produced by the pancreas. This causes a persistent high blood glucose, setting off series of apparent changes in the body”, Oduwole explained.

“Diabetes in children is one of the most dreaded diseases and is commonly thought to be caused when sugar is too high in the blood”, she added.

Oduwole said “these are the common signs of diabetes mellitus; drinking too much water, passing frequent urine during the day, waking up in the night to pass urine frequently or bedwetting in a formerly dry child, losing weight, excessive tiredness, prone to infections, usual disturbance, irritability and mood changes, nausea among others”.

“Obesity and overweight are health problems associated with children and adolescents, and they are linked to affluent and advanced technology countries but now, it is a global disease”, she said.

She explained how these diseases not only affect the children but also the parents adding that since a child cannot take care of himself or herself at such a tender age, the parents are faced with the problem of financial crisis due to the frequent treatments that the child would need.

She recommended that the Federal government should take part and help the affected families.

Prof. Oduwole has interacted, taught, trained, researched and collaborated with others, in order to cater to children and adolescents with endocrine and metabolic disorders.