(Last Updated On: November 18, 2019)


The Centre for Contemporary Arts Lagos, in collaboration with Kadist Paris, has presented a group exhibition, titled: DIASPORA AT HOME. The exhibition is a type that provides an opportunity, to engage in variety of conversations, on the mobility issue within Africa like the Xenophobic attack, towards African migrants.

The exhibition, “Diaspora at home” was presented in memory of Bisi Silva, who is known to be the founder of Centre for Contemporary Arts Lagos, who strongly believes in promoting cultural exchanges and creating new networks throughout Africa.

Diaspora at Home featured a group of International artists, who were invited to produce new projects on site and create conversations with the local art scene.

The artists engaged with the complex interdependencies, between people and social consequences of the diverse mobility within Africa.

At the exhibition Em’kal Eyongakpa was the personality, who collected sounds of water and sounds from the ongoing civil war in Cameroon, to create kinetic sound installations, while Laura Henno shed more light on the European border, in the archipelago Comorous in the Indian Ocean.

Chleo Quenum revealed the story behind the transactional journey of fruit, from the market to Lagos stating that fruits also move from place to place.

Rahima Gambo explored time-geography from a feminist perspective through the weaver bird and Bady Dalloul reflected on the history of the North Africa and the Middle Eastern communities based in Lagos. He collected the history and later turned it into clothes that could be worn.

Abraham Ogobase, used photography to produce digital negatives of images from his archive, that reflects the notion of individuals, ideas, and objects in movement.

Speaking at the event, the curators Iheanyi Onwuegbucha and Sophie Protelon said, “it is high time the issue of mobility within African continent is discussed and migrants should be able to move around without any barrier whatsoever”.

The exhibition turned out to be and exciting and educating one, which has impacted knowledge for a long time to come, in the lives of attendees.