(Last Updated On: November 18, 2019)

By Feyikemi Wete

With the urgent need to curb the menace of violent and non-violent crimes in the society, the Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, University of Lagos, in collaboration with the Nebraska Institute of Forensic Science, Lincoln USA, held a conference at the Julius Berger Hall, University of Lagos. The conference attracted experts, researchers, academicians and officers of law as they engaged in a robust discourse, that will not only aid in solving the ever increasing criminal and non-criminal activities in the nation, but also help to decipher the patterns, if any, by which the crime
takes place.
First of its kind and the maiden edition, the Forensic conference was organized by the Society for Forensic and Analytical Scientists Nigeria (SFASN), and the theme for the conference was Violent and Non-violent crimes; Implications for National Progress and Development.
The goal of the conference was to foster intellectual discourse, on the need to combat the menace of violent and non-violent crimes in the society with DNA forensics, as the focus of the discourse.
Keynote speaker at the conference, Prof. Kalu Ogbureke, explained what forensic science is and went ahead to list the different areas of forensics, giving brief explanations of each of them.
Kalu said “the challenges of forensics in our country Nigeria, is expensive and there are not enough trained personnel in this field of science in our country”.
Mr. Idowu Taiwo, gave his lecture on DNA forensics, as he elaborated the need and usefulness of the application of DNA in crime.
He stated that criminals are taking advantage of the fact that the country is not fully educated on forensic analysis and the lack of circumstantial evidences.
He added and explained what DNA forensics is all about and elaborated on the need and usefulness of DNA in the investigation of crime.
Nigeria as a country, has started to make progress in the field of forensics and tremendous changes have occurred in the manner that it has been applied to crime investigations.