(Last Updated On: February 26, 2020)


As part of efforts to ensure youths in all parts of the world, have access to African history, editor in chief of Deustche Welle, Ines Pohl, says Deutsche Welle has launched a new series of African roots.

The programme is to correct the Western narratives which have dominated the media because young Africans do not have access to African history, simply because it is not documented.

She stated this during a press conference with newsmen on Monday, stating that Deutsche Welle has ensured that African youths, can now have access to African history through the historical stories they have told and documented using the new media.

“Deutsche Welle took a bold step to put together this project, called African roots, in other to close the gap between western narratives and historical documentation”, Pohl added.

African roots is a multimedia project, produced by Deutsche Welle, using online comics and radio broadcasts, to highlight 25 important African personalities.

Speaking at the launch of the New season and Social Media Week Lagos for the year 2020, chairman of the Gerda Henkel Foundation, Michael Hanssler, stated that the promotion of various research projects in Africa is aimed at safeguarding and preserving both written and historic accounts.

Chief Executive Officer of Comic Republics, Jide Martin, stated that almost every tribe in Africa has rich stories to tell about their heritage and they use comics to bring things alive every single day.

African roots started with the first batch of 25 portraits and personalities that shaped African history, published in 2018 and a new season was launched. The comic series is distributed among six languages and it features 2-minute comic style videos.

The stories highlight Angolan King, Afonso 1, Morocco’s matron of education, 9th-century al-fihri, Ethiopian empress taytu betul, Mozambique’s graduated freedom fighter, Eduardo Mondlane, and Nigeria’s legendary Hausa queen, Amina of Zazzau.